Creative Partnerships encouraged me to develop my workshops with clay, plaster and soft limestone into carefully structured activities for schools. These are close collaborations with teachers that address the core subjects by means of creative cross-curricular explorations. I am particularly interested in maths, technology and IT, engaging students with vital skills for modern business.

Newton Aycliffe (3)

This project funded by Creative Partnerships involved a challenge issued to the class by their teacher to design a mathematical puzzle for other students.We researched the structure of the pyramids, did a little geometry and surveying on the football pitch, used Excel for working out some really big sums and did some masonry on real blocks of limestone.

Above all, we made a useful link with a local company using CADCAM to supply custom joinery – they supplied us with thousands of wooden blocks with which to experiment, so that we could make a 3D model of an interlocking pyramid puzzle. At first we ignored the sloping sides and focused on the block structure. When we had agreed what features would make the best puzzle I turned it into a design for the joiners to make up for us.
Newton Aycliffe (4)

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