public art

Stone is an ideal medium for robust art in public places, durable and tactile. Extending the architectural work, much of my public art has been figurative and even narrative, but geometry and the design of space continue to fascinate me.
West Park: SunEggApple

This central feature for West Park, a new mental health hospital for Darlington, is carved in Tadcaster limestone about 1.6m high. The challenge was to combine three motifs that were proposed by poet and lead artist Bill Herbert.

West Park: SunEggApple (2)

The design is based on a few very simple geometrical operations on the sphere - every curve is part of a circle! I made the small model from a wooden ball finial bought from a garden centre, sawing, sanding and gluing - it was passed around the committee meeting with evident pleasure. These days I also use rapid prototyping for maquettes.

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